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One of the more difficult parts of starting and maintaining an exercise regimen is getting a workout in when you’re traveling. Whether it’s a business trip, family vacation or road trip with your friends, you may need some help finding a place to get that workout in.

While most hotels have a gym, the equipment and quality is usually far less than ideal. To ensure you get a workout in while you’re on the road, here is how to find a gym while traveling:

For those looking for nearby gyms, yoga studios and fitness studios, technology is here to help. New apps are popping up to help health-seeking travelers find a gym on the road. Here are a few new gym location apps:

  • Gymsurfing – Locate a gym, and buy one or more day passes.
  • OmFinder – Search your area for a nearby yoga studio and view the class schedule.
  • GymPoints – Find gyms close to you that offer one-time visits and drop-in classes for commitment-free fitness.

Of course, if you don’t have time to dedicate to a gym visit, there are other ways you can fit exercise and activity into your travel. Try taking the stairs, walking briskly across the airport, exploring nearby parks or taking a 10-minute walking break at a rest stop.

Fitting fitness in on the road is just a matter of creativity and honoring your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are!

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