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There are a lot of myths about weight loss out there, when the only real solution to losing weight is to eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle with regular exercise.

When patients come in frustrated with unsuccessful weight loss efforts, they often contemplate using or consuming diet products that promise results without much effort. I encounter patients on a daily basis asking about these fake weight loss claims endorsed by the supplement industry and television talk show hosts. Many of these “miracle” weight loss products are endorsed by the popular talk show host, Dr. Oz.

Recently, Dr. Oz and his weight loss product claims have come under heavy scrutiny by the government in an effort to protect consumers from false claims about these weight loss supplements. Dr. Oz even stated during his questioning, “I recognize that oftentimes they (the items I talk about on my show) don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact.”

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) also stated during the panel with Dr. Oz that more Americans claimed they were victims of fake weight loss claims than any other type of reported fraud. This is even further proof that these weight loss claims are scams to sell fake products that do not work.

I urge all my patients and anyone interested in weight loss to realize that there is no scientific proof to products claiming to lose excessive amounts of weight in short periods of time. And if the products do happen to work, you’ll probably see most of that weight return as soon as you discontinue taking them and settle back into old, unhealthy habits.

Teaming up with a knowledgeable weight loss expert who has both certifiable education and experience is a great way to help you stay on track toward your goals, especially when you have questions about issues like weight loss supplements. The only way to true weight loss success is taking an active role in your diet and activity, and developing new healthy habits that will lead you to long-term weight loss success.

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