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Are you spending hours on the elliptical or other cardio machine and not seeing the results you want? New research is showing that adding resistance training is a key factor in weight loss success.

By adding resistance training through body weight exercises like Pilates, yoga, barre or “boot camp” programs, you give your body the chance to build muscle and add another layer of fat-burning tissue while you’re at rest.

These workouts are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find many of these classes happening at gyms, boxing clubs and even outdoors in parks with the warm weather.

If you prefer the gym over exercise classes, using common gym equipment like rubber resistance bands, exercise balls, dumbbells, weighted medicine balls and TRX straps can provide an almost infinite number of resistance and body weight exercises. Working with your weight loss team and a personal trainer, you can learn how to use these tools and build a program appropriate for your unique needs.

When you add resistance training, you build muscle. This happens because when you train your muscles, it creates microfiber tears in the muscle tissue that rebuild over the next few days, resulting in stronger, more defined muscles. As the muscle repairs itself and grows, it pumps up your metabolism. Muscles burn more calories at rest than fat does, which is why resistance training for weight loss is more successful than cardiovascular activities alone.

As always, consult a doctor before starting an exercise program to make sure you’re healthy enough for the type of exercise you want to do. Getting active in addition to changing eating habits will put you on the path leading to weight loss success!

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