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What will they think of next?

A new app called SkinneePix lets users shed virtual weight and can trim from five to 15 pounds of virtual fat for a slimmer selfie look.

The founder explains more in this article on Reuters:

“Cameras add additional weight to photos and when you’re taking a selfie you’re also dealing with bad lighting, angles, close-ups and a lot of other factors that make people complain that the photo isn’t an accurate representation of themselves,” said Susan Green, co-founder of the Phoenix-based company Pretty Smart Women that created the app.

While I understand Susan’s rationale, this app concerns me that people who use it have self image problems and they could be in denial that they’re facing serious weight problems. This type of denial and self image issues can, in severe cases, lead to eating disorders.

My patients who I’ve helped successfully lose weight noticed significant improvements in their social life and even in their careers. Some were promoted and got a raise due to their new positive outlook on work and life in general. They were more confident, assertive and productive…all due to them getting down to a healthier weight.

If you aren’t happy with your weight and want to look slimmer in selfies, why not talk to a physician who can set you up on a weight loss program, rather than using an app to help you shed virtual weight?

Losing real pounds sounds like a much smarter option to me! Do you agree?

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